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Thom Kilroy

Singer-songwriter and music producer Thom Kilroy fuses his passion for song with a love of life. Based on the lush island of Kaua‘i, Thom’s expressive lyric and intimate vocals have a feel-good ambiance that draw from his island lifestyle, world travels, and goodwilled sensibility.

With native LA roots, he left behind a thriving urban livelihood to chase his true calling—music. His debut album, Release, reflects a poetically universal collection of songs that stretch beyond his island days. When he isn’t creating music, Thom enjoys surfing, yoga, hiking, and dog walks by the sea.

Release Music Review

“Heartfelt and eclectic, the infectious pop-rock melodies of Release are an easy listen—with surprising depth and universal appeal. From upbeat rock-based rhythms to intimate acoustic violin-infused tunes, its colorful sound has something for everyone. Exploring the full spectrum of love’s misery, beauty and the inspiration in between, the songs are packaged in an underlying tone of positivity that can’t help but break a smile. This album will easily etch a place in your musical repertoire—and maybe even a place in your heart. Travel through balmy, tropical scenery or (my favorite) aboard a train to Vancouver as the imagery-rich soundscape takes you on a truly passionate ride.”

-Amber Nightingale, Television Host, Senior Writer at Kaua‘i Lifestyle Magazine

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